Yb Fibers – True Phosphosilicate

Outstanding consistency and reliability for high-power applications

Phosphosilicate fibers are an ideal choice for high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers. Their unique properties enable optimal performance and batch-to-batch consistency in manufacturing operations. The main advantage of phosphosilicate fibers, compared to aluminosilicate fibers, is their superior resistance to photodarkening, even at high ytterbium concentrations. Because of their stable absorption cross-sections between 915 nm and 975 nm, phosphosilicate fibers are less sensitive to the spectral fluctuations of the pump diodes, allowing 975 nm pumping.

Core Diameter
Core N.A.
Absorption *
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* The absorption is measured at 1530 nm for erbium doped fibers, and at 915 nm for erbium/ytterbium.