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Coractive 2700 Jean-Perrin, suite 121
Québec  (QC)  CanadaG2C 1S9
Toll free: +1 866 845.2466
Fax: +1 418 845.2609
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China Office
Coractive China Shenzhen, China

P: (0755) 8670 2434
Sales contacts
Hélène Stievenard Sales Director

P: +1 514 574.4120
Sophia Cai Business Development Manager, Greater China

P: +86-13601846032
Chris Ho Business Development Manager, Greater China/Korea

P: +86-18818695372
Pacer International UK | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

Stephen Newport
OBS FIBER France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium | DCF, EDF and ATN fibers

José Corceiro
In-Science Russia | DCF, SCF and EDF fibers

General Information
GEHT International Europe | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

Heikki Timonen
Astech-Optics Israel | All fibers

Dana Benisti
TOP Photonics China | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

Jason Zhang
SevenSix, Inc. Japan | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

Yosuke Hane
Japan Devices, Ltd. Japan | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

AOK Corp. Korea | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

Heung-Seop Yeom
Aadhunik Informatics India | DCF, EDF and IR fibers

N.K. Verma
OriginTec Turkey | Fiber lasers

Fibero Inc. Korea | Fiber lasers

S.T. Moon

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