Optical Attenuators

With the increase of power in amplification systems, optical attenuators are used to level the signal sent from the transmitter to the receiver, as the signal may be too strong and would create multi-channel noise.

Attenuation may be necessary for several reasons, such as adapting power levels between different system components, reducing the risk of optical receivers’ saturation or limiting the distortion effects caused by power levels that are too high.

Unlike copper or electronic attenuators, optical attenuators can operate over a wide bandwidth, covering multiple wavelengths. They also offer several other advantages:

  • Low distortion in the signal, a crucial advantage for high-speed telecommunications systems.
  • No power supply required, unlike electronic attenuators, thus simplifying installation and reducing costs.
  • Longer lifespan and better reliability.

With the increase in demand for telecommunications, the optical attenuator is increasingly becoming an essential component, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of networks.

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