Space Applications

Space optical components

Passive optical components often need to meet high reliability and durability requirements due to the extreme conditions inherent in the space environment.

The unique features of passive optical fibers make them much sought-after for various components in the space sector:

  • Optical fibers have a higher bandwidth and allow for faster data transmission. With satellites containing increasingly complex instruments and powerful computers for onboard calculations, the data transmission capabilities of electrical components and cables may no longer be sufficient, necessitating the use of optical fiber.
  • Optical fibers are lightweight, reliable, and durable; qualities that are essential for space applications. Moreover, they can operate in environments with extreme temperatures and even where there is significant vibration.

Additionally, optical fibers are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for the space environment. It is for these reasons, among others, that they are favored for communications, sensors, and other applications in the space industry.

Coractive Fiber Offerings Overview