Chalcogenide Glass Fibers

Chalcogenide materials are known for transmitting light in the mid-infrared band, among other things.

These optical fibers transmit light over relatively long distances while minimizing energy loss. Several applications use chalcogenide-based optical fiber technology:

  • Lasers that emit in the mid-infrared range, such as Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), can use them to obtain a fibered output cable.
  • These optical fibers are also used in optical sensors manufactured for various applications, such as gas or temperature detection.
  • Applications in the security field also require an optical fiber offering transmission of wavelengths in the mid-infrared range, such as detection and surveillance systems, thermal cameras, etc.
  • Many emerging applications in chemical and biological molecule detection and identification, due to the extremely high sensitivity of molecular signatures in the mid-infrared range.

With technological advancements, chalcogenide glass-based optical fiber is becoming an increasingly sought-after fiber for various passive and active applications.

Coractive Fiber Offerings Overview