Medical Applications

Medical Diagnostics, Treatments and Imaging

Optical fiber has been used for a long time in the medical field. You can find it in a variety of applications, including diagnostics, imaging or even the treatment of certain diseases.

In the field of imaging, optical fiber is used, for example, in endoscopy. In general terms, endoscopy includes gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Using these fiber-optic-based tools, the medical practitioner can visualize internal structures, thereby making a diagnosis and potentially performing surgical treatment.

Optical fiber can also be combined with catheters to provide diagnostic imaging of an artery during a bypass operation.

In other cases, many diseases (such as cancers) can be detected by monitoring changes in molecular composition through spectroscopic analyses using optical fiber.

Optical fiber is also a preferred component for lasers used during surgery to treat a tumor, or to destroy a kidney stone.

In short, optical fiber offers the medical field many advantages, including being insensitive to electromagnetic interference, flexible, very thin and durable, making it a valuable ally for healthcare professionals.

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