LiDAR and Sensing


LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that measures the distance to a target using a pulsed laser light. A sensor uses the laser beam reflected by the object to calculate the distance based on the speed of light.

LiDAR applications include, among others, autonomous vehicles, wind detection, metrology, and defense.

Optical fiber plays a crucial role in LiDAR, as they are used to make laser technologies with an emission at 1550 nm. If it is possible to achieve very long-distance LiDAR systems that are safe for the eyes, it is because of this type of high-power laser. Optical fibers offer great flexibility and can achieve the high power sought.

LiDAR technologies will be central in emerging applications such as autonomous vehicles and smart infrastructure. Environmental applications are also possible, for example in wind detection systems on wind turbines. There is enormous potential for future LiDAR applications!

Coractive Fiber Offerings Overview