30 August 2013
Optical fiber

High peak power single-mode amplification using highly doped double cladding ytterbium phosphosilicate fiber

OSA Conference papers - 2013

Authors : Bertrand Morasse, Éric Gagnon, Jonathan Arsenault-Roy, Jean-Philippe de Sandro


Many scientific and industrial applications require high peak power laser pulses at 1 µm. Ytterbium doped fiber amplifiers are interesting for such application due to their compactness, efficiency and good beam quality. But achieving high peak is challenging with fibers due to the difficulty of enlarging the mode area to reduce non-linear effects while maintaining a high beam quality.

A 50 kW peak power single-mode amplification with a short and highly doped phosphosilicate double cladding fiber pumped at 976 nm is demonstrated using a simple MOPA configuration operated in highly saturated energy regime.