This double-clad passive fiber is precision matched to our active all-glass er/yb fibers. Featuring an all-glass design and a high-temperature resistant coating, this fiber is made for the rigorous environmental requirements of the automotive industry and other demanding applications. It is ideal for the manufacture of components used in the design of fiber lasers and amplifiers.

Features & Benefits
  • High-temperature resistant coating
  • All-glass second cladding design - free of low index polymer
  • Matched to CorActive active fibers and compatible with industry-standards
  • Eye-safe fiber lasers and amplifiers for LIDAR
  • Space communications
  • High-power telecom amplifiers
  • Industrial and harsh environment laser sensing
Core Numerical Aperture (Typical)
Cladding Numerical Aperture (Typical)
0.23 ± 0.01
Mode Field Diameter @ 1550 nm (µm)
9.2 ± 1.1
Geometrical & Mechanical
Core Diameter (Typical) (µm)
Cladding Diameter (µm)
104 ± 2
Outer Cladding Diameter (μm)
125 ± 2
Core/Cladding Concentricity Error (µm)
≤ 0.8
Coating Diameter (µm)
245 ± 15
Operation Temperature (˚C)
0 to +150

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