Coractive’s attenuation optical fiber (ATN) products have been specifically designed to provide flat attenuation over the widest wavelength range possible, from 1250 nm to 1620 nm. Wideband uniform attenuation ensures full compatibility with current and future DWDM, CATV and other telecom systems. The ATN-FBS has a wide attenuation range (<15 dB/cm), perfect for manufacturing attenuators used in undersea telecom applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Industry-standard fiber geometry – provides high-precision core alignment for more efficient fiber coupling
  • Precise cladding diameter control – perfect ferrule fit reducing manufacturing costs & increasing production yield
  • Tight attenuation tolerance – enables compatibility with DWDM network applications
  • Full spectrum flat attenuation: from 1250 nm to 1620 nm
  • Exceptional batch-to-batch uniformity – ensures a consistent and high-quality attenuator
  • Wide attenuation range: from 0.005 to 0.4 dB/cm
  • Attenuators for undersea applications
  • Telecom (DWDM, CATV)
Core Numerical Aperture (nominal)
0.14 ± 0.02
Attenuation Range (dB/cm) *
0.005 - 0.4
Operating Wavelength (nm)
1250 - 1620
Attenuation Tolerance (from nominal, %)
± 7.5
Geometrical & Mechanical
Core Diameter (µm)
7 ± 1
Cladding Diameter (µm)
125 ± 0.5
Core/Cladding Concentricity Error (µm)
≤ 0.8
Coating Diameter (µm)
245 ± 10
* Not all attenuations are available within given range. Please contact your sale representative for more information.

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