19 February 2024
Environment, Corporate


Have you bought a new home recently? If so, your criteria probably included sustainability, air quality, real estate valuation, energy cost, etc. This is exactly what we had in mind when we were thinking about our new facility: building a new eco-responsible building and a pleasant and conscientious environment for our present and future employees.

This move allowed us to create a larger facility, with more efficient equipment to better meet our needs, that was also in harmony with the environment. Knowing that optical fiber manufacturing involves several environmental issues, such as energy consumption, waste management and impact on water and air, we made sure to choose partners and processes that would help us to improve ourselves.


More sustainable production practices


We were aware of the losses and environmental issues we were facing when we were in our former head office, and several actions were simple, or obvious, to implement at our new facility.

We installed an energy recovery system, which is run by our production equipment as well as external elements such as wind and sun, allowing us to save hundreds of kilowatts per year. From summer to winter, energy recovery feeds our building’s heating and air conditioning system, supplies the hot water system and more. Speaking of H2O, we also installed a closed water recirculation loop to avoid wasting clear water.

In terms of our optical fiber production, we made sure to have a partner like Messer for our eco-responsible hydrogen needs. Messer produces “green” hydrogen, made from sodium chlorate residue gas produced in an electrolytic process, and it met our requirements perfectly. For every kilo of green hydrogen we use, we avoid sending ten (10) kilos of CO2 into the environment, which would have been inevitable with regular hydrogen.


A smart building for smart consumption


Here are some environmentally-friendly examples of installations and simple choices for our building:

  • Our new head office is equipped with motion detectors, which means the lights are switched on and off automatically in all rooms.
  • We have switched from an electric heating system to a gas heating system, thus using a cleaner energy source and allowing us to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • A coffee corner and a cafeteria equipped with dishwashers and durable, non-disposable tableware.
  • And more!

Benefits for both the planet and our employees!


Our wish to become an environmental ally has also brought several benefits for our employees. We have installed electric car charging stations that are completely free for our team members. Our location is easily accessible by bus, and we are continuing our wellness program, including a $5 per day incentive for employees who are cycling to work. We also offer the option of teleworking for jobs in which this is possible, as well as a flexible schedule.

After 25 years, it was important for us to become a better corporate citizen and reduce our environmental impact. By acting locally, it is possible, together, to offer a better future globally.

In 2024, we will continue to improve our facility and head office by optimizing our systems and implementing eco-responsible practices and thus invest in our future.