Material Processing

A wide range of application possibilities with industrial laser technology

Lasers are used as a manufacturing tool in many different industrial sectors. Their advanced capabilities enable processing of any kind of material and ensure high component quality. Fiber lasers stand out with their high reliability, compact design and efficiency. Coractive has a proven track record in developing optical fibers for industrial fiber laser systems, as well as manufacturing high-performance fiber lasers for a variety of material processing applications.

Laser Cutting

Fiber lasers have proven to be the most efficient laser cutting method. Their flexibility enables cutting of a wide range of materials—from steel to aluminum to non-metal materials such as plastics, glass, etc.—of different thicknesses. The fiber laser cutting process also results in a high-quality cutting edge. High-power CW fiber lasers are commonly used for industrial applications: as the power output increases, the cutting speed and the ability to process thicker materials improve, making them ideal for high-volume production.

Laser Welding

Pulsed lasers and CW lasers can weld of a variety of materials and thicknesses. Fiber laser welding creates strong welds and good quality joints, even with dissimilar materials. With the benefit of consistent accuracy, laser welding is well suited to manufacturing processes with repetitive operations. These lasers are also very useful for micro-precision welding, laser spot welds, etc.


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Laser Marking & Engraving

Laser marking is a very common process in which a laser beam is used to mark or engrave a variety of surfaces at a high speed and low-operating cost. Different methods may be used—ablation, engraving, carbonizing, bonding, etc.—depending on the material or other requirements. Fiber lasers have the advantage over other types of laser sources as they have a very small footprint, provide excellent beam quality and need minimal maintenance. Coractive offers high-performance fiber lasers for this application, as well as the optical fibers used for their design.

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Laser Cleaning

Fiber lasers are very effective at removing rust, oxide, paint and other impurities from the surface of a material. This process is contact-free and consists of using high repetition rates and short pulses with high energy to remove layers without damaging materials. Fiber laser cleaning is widely used in the industrial sector for tools and mold maintenance or for surface preparation treatment. Coractive offers optical fibers specifically designed for the fiber lasers used in this type of application.


Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing applications, such as 3D printing and laser deposition, are achieved using a laser beam that creates a melt pool on a metal substrate or other material. The finite part is built layer by layer. The advantage of using a laser beam lies in the perfect control of the beam, meaning the right amount of energy can be applied to the substrate. It reduces distortion and heat damage to the surface. Fiber lasers have proven to be efficient for these types of applications due to their compactness, versatility and excellent beam quality.

Coractive’s phosphosilicate fiber product line is ideal for the design of a compact CW fiber laser, providing excellent beam quality and long-term stability.