13 January 2020

CorActive Awarded VELOSYMPATIQUE (Bike Friendly) Gold Status!

Quebec, January 13, 2020 – We are proud to announce that CorActive has been awarded VÉLOSYMPATIQUE gold status. This recognition underscores our commitment to sustainable mobility and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

With a fervent cyclist among its management, physical activity is undeniably part of CorActive’s DNA. Over the past few years, there have been a number of initiatives to motivate our teams to be active, which have fostered the development of a true cycling culture. The installation of showers, outdoor bike racks and the creation of a cycling committee are among these initiatives.

After receiving an honorable mention for its efforts three years ago, CorActive decided in 2019 to enhance the measures in place in order to obtain the VÉLOSYMPATIQUE certification.

Among the new actions deployed, the most important is certainly the addition of a financial incentive for employees who cycle between their home and the office. The company gives five dollars a day to those who adopt this mode of transportation. They also benefit from an additional 15 minutes of paid time to change.

To promote the recruitment of new enthusiasts, two self-service bikes were made available to employees. In addition, the company now has a mechanical repair shop and offers training. Various activities are also organized by the cycling committee, including the popular picnic outing.

CorActive is proud to be among the four private companies to be certified gold to date.

“We are convinced of the benefits of this new approach for the health and cohesion of the team. This certification is in direct accordance with our corporate values and recognizes all of our efforts in that regard.”Claude-Adrien Noël, President and CEO

Last December, CorActive highlighted its VÉLOSYMPATIQUE certification by drawing a prize winner for a Fat bike during the employees’ Christmas party.


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