19 September 2022

A partnership for the planet’s well-being

With eco-responsibility at the heart of its construction process, as well as its entire operations, Coractive is pleased to continue its partnership with Messer Canada in Magog, Quebec, Canada, for its supply of green hydrogen.

In fact, Messer Canada produces hydrogen from sodium chlorate residue gas produced in an electrolytic process. This association is one of many measures that Coractive is currently implementing and is endorsing the specifications for its new plant’s construction, also including, among other things, the use of renewable hydroelectricity as the main source of energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

“Environment is a global issue affecting all businesses. By continuing our association with a partner who has our planet at heart, we are thus ensuring that we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to more eco-responsible industrial production”, Jean-Noel Maran, President and Chief Executive Officer of Coractive.

With the construction of its new plant, Coractive has taken care to partner with players who are committed to the planet’s well-being, such as Messer Canada. The delivery of the new building, which will also serve as Coractive’s new headquarters, is expected in late 2022.


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