13 septembre 2010
Fibre optique

Amplification large bande de canaux haute puissance 40 Go/s utilisant une fibre dopée Er-Yb multimode

Publication : OSA 2010

Auteurs : Raja Ahmad, Stephane Chatigny et Martin Rochette


(Texte original anglais seulement)

Broadband amplification of high power 40 Gb/s channels using multimode Er-Yb doped fiber

Broadband amplification of several high power communication channels is demonstrated using a multimode Erbium-Ytterbium doped fiber (EYDF) amplifier. The multimode feature of this amplifier aims at simultaneously enabling wide gain bandwidth and high output power. The amplifier provides a gain bandwidth spanning over the 1535.0 nm-1565.8 nm band. The amplifier also provides a high output power of >30.2 dBm, with ± 2.4 dB natural gain flatness over the bandwidth of interest. The performance of the amplifier is assessed in a 40 Gb/s WDM system, featuring no trace of modal dispersion in the eye diagram and a low power penalty (< 0.4 dB) on the bit error ratio (BER).