Simple and easy to use, our versatile cutting head can help you with any of your cutting needs.   Featuring an autofocus feature, our HAC series can easily select the best laser focal point for your project, even if the materials have different thicknesses.

Features and Benefits
  • High cutting accuracy
  • Designed to withstand harsh working environments
  • Built-in intelligent module for working condition monitoring
  • Autofocus – easily identify the ideal laser focal point when processing materials with different thicknesses.
  • Simple and easy to service
  • Laser Cutting
Max. Laser Power
≤ 3kW up to ≤ 20 kW
Collimated focal length
75mm or100 mm
Focusing focal length
From 50mm to 200 mm
Horizontal adjustment
Range ± 1.5 mm
Vertical focus range
10mm ~ +10mm
Effective clear aperture
26 mm
Cutting pressure
25 bar
Fiber laser Core diameter
100 μm
Fiber laser connector
≤ 4.2 kg

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