FW Series


The modular design of our FW series is perfect for custom configuration to meet your specific needs.  Build for precision and designed for welding accuracy, our laser processing head is perfect for pre-spot welding and seam welding.

Features and Benefits
  • Modular design for customer-specific configuration demand
  • Medium to high-power capability, up to 8 kW
  • Simple integration
  • High quality welding
  • Operational status monitoring
  • Pre-spot welding
  • Seam welding
Laser Nominal Power
<10 kW
Wavelength of Operation
1064 nm
Beam expansion (Fc)
150 mm
Focusing (Ff)
300 mm
Cooling Water
≤ 0.5 Mpa
Flow Rate
≥ 2 L/min
33 ± 1˚C
Air Curtain
Recommended air pressure
0.6 ~ 0.7 Mpa
Positive air pressure
0.15 ~ 0.2 Mpa
Operating temperature
+15˚C ~ +55˚C
Storage temperature
Operating humidity
40% ~ 85%

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