The CFLS-R2000 is compact CW fiber laser that provide ease of integration into cutting systems for large-scale manufacturing. This 2kW laser features outstanding long-term stability for high-power operations. It has excellent beam quality and can efficiently process medium-to-thick metal plates while achieving superior edge quality. Its excellent back-reflection protection also enables the safe processing of highly reflective material. This makes it a highly versatile tool for cutting and welding applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Small footprint – easy integration into systems of different sizes
  • Unique combination of innovative optical fibers and advanced laser technologies guarantee longterm stability
  • High reliability – enables continuous cutting operations
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Outstanding back-reflection protection – safe processing of highly reflective materials
  • High modulation rate – ensures fast piercing time for efficient metal processing
  • 35% wall-plug efficiency – reduces the overall electrical power consumption
  • Industrial-grade quality – durability in harsh manufacturing environments
  • Easy-to-use, Plug & Play design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Remote diagnostic software for fast support
  • Water-cooled chiller also available
  • 2-year warranty
  • Metal cutting & welding
  • Additive manufacturing: 3D printing & laser metal deposition
Mode of Operation
Operating Wavelength (nm)
1080 ± 5
Nominal Output Power (W)
Power Stability (%)
± 1
Output Power Tuning Range (%)
10 - 100
Modulation Frequency (kHz)
50 max.
Output Fiber Core Diameter (µm) *
30* / 50
Beam Quality (BPP) (mm x mrad)
< 0.6 for 30 μm | ≤ 2.0 for 50 μm
Operating Voltage (VAC)
350 – 430, 3P
Operating Frequency (Hz)
50 / 60
Power Consumption (W)
6000 max.
Dimensions (W x D x H mm)
482 x 936 x 240
Output Fiber Length (m)
5 m @ 25 μm | 15m @ 50 μm
Cooling Method
Product Compliance
CE marking available
* Other options may be available upon request.

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