Pulsed ns fiber Lasers

Compact and cost-effective solutions for OEM's


Coractive’s pulsed ns fiber lasers are designed with OEM’s ease of integration in mind. While being compact, MOPA pulsed fiber lasers from our NANOPEAK series can reach higher peaks of energy density and their nanosecond pulses improve metal marking and engraving processes. They feature exceptional long-term stability, thanks to our unique combination of innovative optical fibers and advanced laser technologies. As a result, you enjoy very efficient systems for the investment without compromising on either performance or cost.

Features & Benefits
  • Compact design
  • Energy output: 1mJ/pulse
  • Flexible control of pulse widths - for complete control of the process
  • Excellent isolator design - for safe processing of any material
  • Maintenance free
  • Plug & play

Pulsed MOPA fiber lasers

Maximum control and versatility

MOPA lasers enable complete control over the pulse width and peak power to best suit your applications.