CW fiber lasers

You’ve never seen performances this affordable.

Maximize your productivity on the job floor with a robust and reliable CW fiber laser that offers the performance levels you need, at a cost-effective price point. Coractive’s CFLS series of fiber lasers are specifically designed for material processing applications. With the variety of output power levels available, you’ll find the perfect solution for your requirements.

CW Fiber Lasers Features & Benefits
  • Unique combination of innovative optical fibers and advanced laser technologies guarantee long-term stability
  • Industrial-grade quality – high reliability & durability in harsh manufacturing environments
  • Outstanding back-reflection protection – safe processing of highly reflective materials
  • 35% wall-plug efficiency – reduces the overall electrical power consumption
  • Remote diagnostic software for fast support

Low Power | 3 kW

High level of precision in a compact design

These CW fiber lasers are the perfect solution for thin metal cutting and welding

Medium Power | 4 – 6 kW

An edge up in fiber laser cutting

Efficient fiber lasers designed to provide higher cutting speed for thicker metal.

High Power | 8 kW

Power, Stability & Reliability.

Industrial-grade CW fiber lasers made to operate in demanding manufacturing environments.